Food for Sleep 2.5 oz. Natural Sleep Aid

Food for Sleep is not a drug - it's just foods
Food for Sleep is a fast-acting, 2 ½ ounce beverage made from foods that naturally promote healthy sleep. It's safe, convenient more

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Product Features

  • Food for Sleep is a 2 ½ oz. drink made with tart cherry juice and a whey protein that's high in tryptophan. These are foods that have been clinically demonstrated to help you fall asleep sooner and wake up fewer times during the night. (1,2,3)
  • We designed Food for Sleep to help people fall asleep naturally and enjoy a healthy night's sleep. If you've tried everything and nothing works, then Food for Sleep may not work for you either. But if you're looking for something that's effective for most people, which is not a pill, and which does not contain unpronounceable chemicals or unproven supplements, then Food for Sleep might be for you.
  • Be forewarned, though: it's wicked tart. It would taste better if we added sugar, but our customers persuaded us that they didn't want any extra calories. You can dilute it with your favorite non-caffeinated beverage if you'd like. (You can even add sugar...) But we're providing you with the full-strength undiluted Real Deal.
  • People who like it include athletes, business travelers, and others who see the value of improved sleep, who are careful about what they put in their body and aren't scared away by something that might taste medicinal.
  • Shake it well. Drink one bottle a half-hour before you'd like to be asleep. Turn off your electronics and other sleep disruptors. Enjoy the relaxed feeling of being lulled off to sleep. Wake up on time in the morning feeling great. (And yes, it's drug-free and not habit-forming.)

Product Description

Food for Sleep is not a drug - it's just foods
Food for Sleep is a fast-acting, 2 ½ ounce beverage made from foods that naturally promote healthy sleep. It's safe, convenient and backed by science.

Two functional ingredients:
Tart Cherry Juice: Naturally rich in melatonin (and antioxidants, too!), tart cherry juice has been shown in clinical studies to help people fall asleep sooner, stay asleep longer and enjoy improved sleep quality.(1,2)

Whey Protein Peptide with L-Tryptophan: Tryptophan has been shown in clinical trials to decrease time to fall asleep and decrease awakenings during the night.(3)

No, it won't leave you groggy in the morning
People who have used Food for Sleep tell us that they wake up with no lingering grogginess or hang-over type effects.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I take Food for Sleep every night?
Remember that it's just food - and published clinical trials have shown no issues with consuming tart cherry juice or whey protein daily.

Does it need to be refrigerated?
No, but some of our users report that they enjoy Food for Sleep chilled. Cool!

How does it taste?
It's wicked tart! (Sorry - we're from Boston.) We've softened the natural tartness of fresh Montmorency cherries in Food for Sleep with a hint of pomegranate.

1. Howatson G, et al. Effect of tart cherry juice (Prunus Cerasus) on melatonin levels and enhanced sleep quality. J Eur J Nutr 2011; Oct 30.
2. Pigeon WR, et al. Effects of a tart cherry juice beverage on the sleep of older adults with insomnia: A Pilot Study. J Med Food 2010; 13(3): 579-583
3. Hartmann E, et al. L-Tryptophane and sleep. Psychopharmacologia. 1971; 19(2):114-27. more

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