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  1. Daniel

    For me, my gout will come back if I don’t follow the things I learned to eliminate it. First I had to lay off aspirin. I was taking too much of this because at the time I was exposed to diesel exhaust that triggered headaches.Second, I was eating allot of cruciferous veggies during the week; mainly cabbage, cauliflower , and Brussels sprouts.All of this combined had to be minimized for my gout to go away, even though blood work showed that my uric acid blood levels were within the normal range. I also increased my water intake which also helped.References : I learned all of this 30 years ago when I spent hours doing research on gout at the library so I wouldn’t have to take medicine, which at the time would have impaired me operating machinery, etc.It has worked for me all these years without a hitch. Was this answer helpful?

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