NatraCure Cold Therapy Wrap Hand Foot Wrist Elbow

  • ANATOMICAL DESIGN: Both the knee ice gel pack and compression straps conform to your knee for a comfortable, secure fit with 3-point compression.
  • COMFORTABLE FITTING: The longer strap fits around the thigh, the smaller strap fits around the calf, while the middle strap that fits behind the knee is thinner to reduce discomfort when bending or moving your knee. If the wrap slides down the leg then re-adjust the straps.
  • MOISTURE LOCK POUCH: TPU-lined pouch works seamlessly with the proprietary gel pack. It prevents condensation & moisture from leaking through, keeping you dry & comfortable.
  • INSTRUCTIONS: For cold therapy, chill gel pack for 2 hours in freezer or refrigerator. For heat therapy, heat gel pack in microwave for 10 seconds on each side for a maximum of 40 seconds total heating time per use. Do not heat more than 4 times in a 60-minute period. Size: Small/Medium. Fits legs 26.5" around (measure 4" above the knee).
  • MAY HELP WITH: Runner's Knee, Meniscus tears, MCL, PCL, ACL Tears, Knee Pain, Patellofemoral Disorder, Patella Injury and Arthritis Relief.