Diet for gout

Diet for gout: Home Remedy and What to Avoid

The diet for gout actually starts off as a home remedy for the cure of gout. As gout is usually precipitated by dehydration, over eating, over drinking alcohol and some injuries or a surgical post op complication, the diet will start out simply by hydration.

The purpose of the gout diet is to lower the production and the elimination of uric acid in the body. The diet is not really a cure as it is prevention and can actually control the attacks. If you are focused on the diet, you could actually lose the extra or excess weight that may precipitate attacks and will lower the risk of a second attack.

The first step to a successful diet for gout is to drink about 2 to 4 liters of water daily; this is enough to hydrate the body. The dehydration was most probably caused by the large quantities of alcohol plus the yeast in beers which have high purine content. Then there is of course, obviously, avoidance of alcohol. This has to be avoided for several weeks as even if the pain and swelling goes down, the intake of alcohol can make the attacks come back with a vengeance.

Then there are the foods to avoid. Remember that uric acid is the product of purines broken down in the body. The purines are found in all manner of natural foods and processed foods. So, you have to limit the number of grams eaten when you are thinking about eating meats, chicken and fish. Push it down to 114 g minimum to 170 g maximum.

Eat proteins found in healthier sources like low fat or fat free dairy, like yogurt helps to reduce the risk of gout. Try taking at least 473 ml minimum to 710 ml maximum a day. Tofu and some nut butters are considered plant proteins and are considered healthier if you have gout.

Whole grains, fruits and vegetable are complex carbohydrates that are good for the body. Try to prevent eating sweat breads or breads which contain a lot of yeast. Aim for breads that rise because of the baking soda and baking powder instead. Vegetables to avoid are cauliflower, asparagus and mushrooms. The others are safer for you.

Then there are the sugars which you have to avoid. And no, artificial sweeteners are just as bad. So avoid foods and drinks which contain a lot of sugar like sodas, fizzy drinks, soft drinks, beer (yeast and sugar content are high). Now even though there is no direct link of the sugar to gout, there is a direct link to obesity which can cause the gout attacks.

The question of risks if one follows the diet is rare, that is why it is absolute that you have to go to the doctor and ask for medical advice.

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